Where to Go Mountain Biking in The Gorge

Though there are plenty of great biking opportunities across the Columbia River Gorge, including the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail, the area is becoming known as a mountain biking hot spot. The popularity of the Gorge when it comes to mountain biking near Hood River is, of course, due to the diversity of challenging terrain – but the scenic views don’t hurt, either! 

The rugged terrain offers plenty of diverse trails for mountain biking enthusiasts, including novice riders and experienced descenders. The Gorge’s geographical diversity, from rainforests to arid plateaus, means that every ride can offer something new. Head out for some mountain biking near Hood River, and you can enjoy the challenge of steep, rocky paths or the pleasure of rolling trails. Of course, there are just as many fantastic mountain biking trails on the Washington side of the river, especially in areas like the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. 

The scenic Columbia River Gorge is just 30 miles east of Portland, but it’s a wild, pristine, and relatively untouched part of the state that is breathtakingly beautiful. From winding scenic drives to challenging hikes and bike trails, there’s boundless opportunity for outdoor adventure here. But when your adventures are over for the day, don’t miss out on the chance to unwind at one of our top-rated cabins near Hood River

Staying in our luxury cabins is the perfect way to truly appreciate all that the Columbia River Gorge has to offer. Beyond biking, the Gorge is replete with activities ranging from hiking and fishing to windsurfing and wine tasting. Staying in our well-appointed cabins allows visitors a comfortable base from which to explore the breadth of experience you’ll find here. Discover the Columbia River Gorge in all its glory, and book your cabin today!

A view from the ridges and mountains while mountain biking near Hood River

The Best Mountain Biking Near Hood River

There’s plenty of captivating mountain biking near Hood River, not to mention our hometown of Carson, Washington. The entire Columbia River Gorge region is known for its scenic grandeur and as a destination rife with opportunities for outdoor adventure. Here, you’ll encounter plenty of diverse terrain that challenges and delights riders of all skill levels. From lush forests to rugged cliffs, riders will enjoy a dynamic and invigorating biking experience that seamlessly blends physical challenge with awe-inspiring natural beauty.

Of course, when you’re done enjoying all the best mountain biking near Hood River, you’ll find charming towns dotting the Gorge that offer a vibrant culture, fantastic restaurants, great local breweries, and so much more worth enjoying. The Gorge offers the perfect blend of attractions for adrenaline seekers and nature lovers. It’s this combination of attractions that we love most about living here. Below are some of the best mountain biking trails near Hood River and our luxury cabins in Washington. 

  1. The Post Canyon Trail System offers some of the best gravity-fed mountain biking near Hood River. The network of trails here is extensive and offers something for everyone, including smooth, flowing trails to technical descents that are as thrilling as they are beautiful. 
  2. One of the first mountain biking trails to open near Hood River is the Knebal Springs Trail. The trail offers beautiful views of Mount Hood. 
  3. In the same area as the Knebal Springs Loop is the Fifteenmile Loop, which provides an excellent combination of climbs and drops for some memorable mountain biking near Hood River. 
  4. The 44 Trails network is the largest single network of singletrack trails for mountain biking near Hood River. If you’re looking for a ride that offers some of the epic scenery the Columbia River Gorge is known for, consider heading to Surveyor’s Ridge. The ride is demanding, but the views of Mount Hood and surrounding valleys are rewarding. 
  5. On the Washington side, you’ll find some excellent mountain biking, too. One of the most popular trails in the area is the Falls Creek Trail—also a favorite for hiking!
  6. The Syncline Trails are among the best spots for mountain biking in the Columbia River Gorge. They’re found on the Washington side of the river near the town of Bingen and offer some of the most unique and picturesque scenery in the area—not to mention plenty of challenges for mountain bikers!

These trails exemplify the best mountain biking in the Columbia River Gorge area, but rest assured, there are so many more trails perfect for mountain biking near Hood River!

Enjoy a flight of craft beer at Full Sail Brewing after enjoying some of the best mountain biking near Hood River

Cool Off at Full Sail Brewing in Hood River

What could be better after enjoying some of the most challenging mountain biking near Hood River than cooling off with a pint of local craft beer? Though there are plenty of fantastic breweries to consider in the Hood River Area, a favorite is Full Sail Brewing. As the adrenaline from the challenging trails begins to subside, and you reflect on the challenges and triumphs, sit back, enjoy gorgeous views of the Columbia River, and reflect on your day’s adventure over a delicious pint of craft beer. It’s the perfect end to an exhilarating day of mountain biking through the rugged terrain surrounding Hood River.

Full Sail Brewing is renowned for its selection of craft beers; each brewed with a dedication to quality and a nod to local flavors. Whether you prefer a bold IPA or a smooth amber, the variety ensures that there will be something here for everyone. Tasting these finely crafted brews not only quenches thirst but also enhances the post-ride experience, allowing one to appreciate the artisanal skill that mirrors the area’s outdoor pursuits.

Full Sail Brewing has been perfecting its craft since opening in 1987 in a building that once served as the old Diamond Fruit cannery. Full Sail Amber is one of the first brews, and it became an almost instant award-winner, winning gold at the 1989 Great American Beer Festival. Today, their dedication to craft continues, as does their commitment to sustainable production and locally driven beer.  Not only is the beer here fantastic, but from their vantage point, you can also enjoy one of the signature parts of any summer afternoon in Hood River: Kitesurfers on the river! 

Once you’ve enjoyed unwinding at Full Sail Brewing and perhaps even having dinner at one of the many fantastic restaurants in Hood River, it’s time to put your feet up and sink into the luxurious accommodations across the river at our luxury cabins in Washington. With generous soaking tubs, dead sea bath salts, a welcoming basket filled with snacks, and some of the best hospitality around, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better accommodations anywhere in the Columbia River Gorge. Book our cabins near Hood River today! 

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