Get Lost in the Sounds of Nature at Falls Creek Falls, WA

An easy drive north of Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins on Wind River Road brings you face to face with your next magical discovery! The Falls Creek Falls, WA, State Park features one of the largest and most powerful waterfalls in the southern state and it is quite awe-inspiring to gaze upon! Get lost in nature for a little bit when you venture on this incredible hike. Soak in your lush environment, from bright green mossy rocks to the sweet sounds of birds chirping in the forest. The rushing cascade of the Falls Creek Falls, WA, is just the icing on the cake of an already amazing adventure in the Gorge!

What Makes a Waterfall So Wonderful?

Is it personal opinion? Probably to a degree. Is it the review it receives from your favorite local guide book? Perhaps. How about the anticipation of hearing the rushing water around the next bend in the trail? Maybe. The most wonderful thing about the waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge is that they simply take your breath away. From the famous Multnomah Falls to the magical Panther Creek Falls, you will discover a variety of magnificent cascades near the Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins. The Falls Creek Falls, WA, are just another phenomenal slice of Northwestern paradise!

Prepping for the Hike

First things first! Before you can have an inspirational moment gazing at the spectacular Falls Creek Falls, WA, you will need to embark on a hike. Be sure to pack all the necessary goods for your adventure. Water bottle? Check! Snack? Check! Proper walking gear? Check! Wine and Cheese? Optional! Once you’re prepared, it’s time to begin your journey to Falls Creek, on the border of Oregon and Washington.

The Trail to Falls Creek Falls, WA

The Falls Creek trail itself is really quite pleasant to hike. It is adequately shaded, covered with a gorgeous canopy of trees and foliage. The sun peeks through the branches, allowing bright sunbeams to dance about as the breeze blows through. The easy-to-walk trail makes the two-mile trek fly by. Completely engrossed in the sounds of Falls Creek babbling by, it is easy to get lost in your own thoughts, even comfortable, on this pleasant walk. Notable spots along the trail are two suspension bridges towards the last two-thirds of the hike. Don’t forget to pause and take in just how beautiful the area is as you cross the creek!

The “Take Your Breath Away” Moment

Finally, you will reach the actual waterfall in all its glory! As you round the last small crest, you can hear the water rushing before you can see it. Several small streams of bubbly water rush over a variety of rocks high above, part of a series of 335 feet of hurtling water. Once all of the streams meet, it is a spectacular race over the edge of this incredible Columbia River Gorge waterfall. If you arrive at the perfect moment of late afternoon sun, you might even be treated to a prism of rainbows shooting off in a variety of directions with the water droplets!

Retreat to Our Columbia River Gorge Luxury Cabins

Many more incredible views, such as this of the Falls Creek Falls, await during your trip to the Columbia Gorge! When you stay at our luxury and romantic cabins in Washington State, we will help plan your itinerary based on your particular interests. If you want to see more amazing waterfalls like this one, then we have a long list to discover nearby our cabins! Or if you have other interests, we are happy to guide you in the right direction for those as well. We hope you will love our beautiful Gorge just as much as we do!

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