This Is Why You Need to Go on an Excursion with the Gorge Paddling Center

One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of the Columbia River is to get out on the water. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by towering mountains and blue skies as you paddle through the sparkling river. If you’d like to experience it for yourself, start with the Gorge Paddling Center. They have everything you need to float the day away.

About the Gorge Paddling Center

The Gorge Paddling Center was created with one goal in mind: to share the love of river recreation with as many people as possible. The owner of the company grew up right here in nearby Hood River and hopes to help new paddlers discover their own love of the Columbia River.

What’s at the Gorge Paddling Center


The Gorge Paddling Center makes kayaking easy. If you’d like to go kayak on your own, rentals are $20 for the first hour, $10 for additional hours, and $60 for the entire day. If you have never been kayaking or want some direction, consider the Recreational Kayaking Tour. For 3 hours, you’ll get taken around the Columbia River or one of its protected inlets depending on your preferences. For a truly unique experience, we recommend embarking on one of their Sunset Kayaking Tours. No matter what level you are, you can paddle straight into the sunset. There’s nothing like it!


If you are interested in renting a stand-up paddleboard, it is $20 for the first hour, $10 for additional hours, and $60 for the entire day. If you have never been on one before, don’t worry. Standing up and paddling can be intimidating, but the Gorge Paddling Center offers an awesome Intro to Stand-Up Paddleboarding Class. Get all of the basics in a 1-hour lesson, then take advantage of the 1-hour free time to practice what you learned.

Whitewater Kayaking

The Gorge Paddling Center is currently working with the Columbia Gorge Kayak School to get you out on the whitewater of the Columbia River Gorge. They offer both day trips and lessons so you can seek some thrills during your stay at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins. Whether you have been whitewater kayaking before or are still a beginner, you will be in good hands.

Book Your Getaway Today

After you enjoy your adventure with the Gorge Paddling Center, come back and relax at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins. There’s nothing better than taking a soak in the Jacuzzi tub before getting into the soft sheets of your custom-made bed after a day out on the water. Browse through our private cabins, choose your favorite, then book your stay.

We recommend indulging in one of our most luxurious options, Mount Hood. The river stone and wood features used throughout this cabin will whisk you away from your hectic life and transport you to a serene, calm oasis where you can truly relax. We look forward to hosting you!

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