Explore Our Columbia River Gorge Trails : #93 on the list of 101 Things to Do

Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins is nestled on 3.2 acres in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge.  There are literally hundreds of trails and hikes in the immediate area for every skill level.  But did you know we have our own trail system on our property?  OK, OK, trail system might be a little strong!  But we do have trails!

Explore Our Columbia River Gorge Trails : #93 on the list of 101 Things to Do 1

Our 10 luxurious Columbia River Gorge cabins sit on the perimeter of a lovely meadow that is full of trees, blackberry bushes, grasses, flowers and the occasional Scotch Broom bush (Which I happen to think are really pretty and when they are in full bloom they make my throat raspy and I sound like Demi Moore.  I am probably the ONLY fan of these plants!).   Every year we carefully mow Columbia River Gorge trails through the meadow so a leisurely stroll is possible.

One trail in particular leads up the hillside towards the clear cut.  Once spring emerges and the rains subside you can wind through the maze of trails and find the huge evergreen trees where the hammocks hang.  Great place for a lazy nap!  In late summer the blackberry bushes are in full bloom and make for a tasty treat as you make your way across the hillside. 

You can literally eat your weight in blackberries if you are so inclined.  Or you can pick them and bring them to me and I will use them in breakfast the next morning!  Fresh blackberry muffins or blackberry cobbler is hard to beat!  In the fall you have to watch where you step…the old apple orchard, which has not been harvested since the 40’s, is just too tempting for our furry forest friends!  I like to call the leave behind we find on the trail applesauce – if you get my drift.  And of course a brisk winter walk is just the thing to make returning to your cozy cabin and warm fireplace just perfect.

So whether you consider yourself a hiker or a stroller plan to explore our backyard.  You won’t regret it!

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