In-Cabin Couple’s Massage

We all know Cupid gets extra busy in January sharpening his aim, polishing his arrow and tightening his bow. In all of his busyness he did have time to send me a quick email asking a favor – how could I resist the little cherub? His request was simple – tell the good people that are soon to be guests at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins for a romantic Washington State Getaway about the in-cabin couple’s massages. By all means, allow me…romantic washington state getaway massages

Just imagine, after our tasty, stick-to-your-ribs, breakfast you head out into the Gorge to traipse down trails in search of wonderful waterfalls, peruse nearby antique stores to your heart’s content or lazily drive from one winery to the next sampling delicious wines of the region. As the afternoon gives way to the evening you stop in one of the locally owned, innkeeper recommended, restaurants to catch an early dinner. After dinner you drive back to your cabin where you draw a hot bath in your hydrotherapy spa tub and spend a good 30 minutes soaking in bubbling lavender fragranced goodness.

At the end of your soak you hoist yourself out of the water, dry off on one of our luxurious spa towels, wrap yourself in a plush robe, float by the front door and with a quick flick of your wrist you unlock the door – the first and quite possibly the most important step on your way to the most wonderful, relaxing hour of your romantic Washington State getaway. Once the door is unlocked, you seductively drape yourself next to your love and you wait… for a light wrap upon the door.

Upon hearing the knock you don’t move a muscle, but rather call out a simple, “Come in.” As the door opens you are greeted by two well trained, massage therapists who waste no time getting your room prepared. Leather chairs and side tables are quickly moved aside to make room for two, full sized, massage tables. Upon an invitation to move to the tables you each muster up enough energy to take the 4 steps to your tables and relax into freshly laundered, cozy and warm linens as soothing music helps carry you to a far off land. Whether you choose deep tissue, therapeutic or Swedish rest assured you are receiving a full 60 minutes of hands-on massage.

At the end of your massage your therapist will excuse themselves to the other room and wait patiently for you to sit up, gather your wits, slip back into your robe and melt into your glorious bed where you will do little more than speak an unintelligible, “Mufh hunh thakl pej,” which is post-massage speak for, “Thank you – that was amazing!”

Note the absence of the following:

• Money – we simply add the cost of the massage (and gratuity if you are inclined) to your folio for easy payment at checkout

• Weather – no need to walk across the property in the cold, rain, wind, sun, breeze, etc. – it is all performed in-cabin, baby!

• Cabin furniture – you don’t lift a finger. The therapists will reset your room just as it was before they arrived as you relax on your bed

Coming to Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins for a romantic Washington State Getaway is much like discovering your absolute favorite meal is being served to you. Getting an in-cabin couple’s massage is like finding the serving bowl with one more bite of your favorite dish sitting on the kitchen counter while everyone else is engrossed in a deep discussion…all yours with no one around to interfere! We look forward to hosting you and we strongly encourage you to consider a massage, just one of the many things to do during your stay with us. Cupid recommended it – and we all know Cupid rarely ever misses his mark!

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