The Best Wildflower Hikes near Carson, Washington for Spring

April showers bring May flowers, and here in Carson, Washington that saying couldn’t be more true. You will find no shortage of wildflowers as they paint the hillsides in vibrant colors. Paired with perfect spring weather, as well as local wildlife, a wildflower hiking excursion is an absolute must. So grab your camera and hiking boots, and head to Carson for your springtime adventure.

Flowers with sun peeking out behind them along the Columbia River Gorge

Catherine Creek Arch Loop

This 1.9-mile loop, located in Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area, features a river, waterfalls and wildflowers. Starting off on your hike, you will pass one waterfall before continuing to the second waterfall. The trail then opens up to gorgeous views of the Columbia River with Mount Hood peeking out in the background. You will find numerous species of wildflowers, including Indian paintbrush and bicolored cluster lilies. As a precaution, it is highly recommended that you stay on trail as poison oak is plentiful in the area. Given it’s short distance and impressive scenery, Catherine Creek Arch Loop is a must-do hike this spring.

Rowena Plateau Trail

Located in Mayer State Park, this 2-mile loop offers sweeping views of the Columbia River and flourishing wildflowers. The trail is rated as easy, allowing hikers of all skill levels to enjoy the trail. This trek would be an excellent place to hike in a picnic lunch and sit and enjoy the views. For a more leisurely hike that still contains jaw-dropping views, Rowena Plateau is a fantastic choice.

Wildflowers and view at Tom McCall Nature Preserve, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

Mosier Plateau Trail

Mosier Plateau is a 2.7-mile out-and-back trail featuring a waterfall. The moderate hike includes a 728-foot elevation gain. Fairly quickly into your hike, you will pass an old pioneer cemetery, before coming upon a stunning waterfall as it cascades down the rocky hillside surrounded by wildflowers. Continue to the top of the trail to see picturesque views of the Columbia River. The trail is also popular amongst wildlife as deer and wild turkey are often spotted. Definitely don’t forget your camera for this one!

Coyote Wall Loop Trail

This trail is a 6.8-mile loop and is considered more of a challenging hike due to steep inclines and an elevation gain of 1,624-ft. Despite it being more strenuous, the views you encounter are worth every step. During most of the hike, you will be able to see Mount Hood in the distance, along with plenty of wildflowers like balsamroot. With impeccable views and the opportunity for a decent workout, this trail is a must for your next spring hike.

Memaloose Hills

Located in Mount Hood National Forest, this 2.8-mile loop trail takes you through an oak tree forest before reaching the overlook. Along the trail you will find wildflowers like lupine and balsamroot. At the overlook, you can take in the breathtaking views of rolling hills as the Columbia River flows below. This is a marvelous hike, however, parking is very limited at the trailhead, so plan accordingly. Begin this hike early in the morning to avoid crowds and, as a plus, have the stunning views all to yourself.

caucasian woman and two large white dogs walking along trail with wildflowers and blue Columbia River in the background

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