Enjoy Oregon’s Hood River Fruit Loop Blossoms this Spring

From late March through May, Hood River’s fruit trees will wow you with a bonanza of blooms. So take a drive and enjoy Oregon’s Hood River Fruit Loop blossoms to experience the best of springtime in the Gorge! Enjoy the outdoors, shop at local farm stands and sample regional wines. You’ll feel enlivened to see the valley burst with color after its long winter’s nap.  

About Oregon’s Hood River Fruit Loop

We love telling people about the Hood River Fruit Loop. This self-guided tour offers fabulous opportunities to eat, pick fresh produce or just breathe in the natural surroundings of Hood River County. Since you can map out your visit however you like, you’ll have plenty of options to connect with the region in a way that works for you. 

Hood River Fruit Loop Blossoms You’ll See This Spring

The Columbia River Gorge is a world-class cornucopia of fruit, flowers, and produce. And before it dishes out its bountiful harvest for the table, springtime in the Gorge serves up a feast for the eyes. Here’s a few Hood River Fruit Loop blossom beauties you can find on your tour.

Apple Blossoms

White apple blossoms fill a tree branch in spring on the Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins property.

The Pacific Northwest’s mix of rain and sun make Oregon and Washington perfect for growing apples. And when you consider that apples are 85% water, it makes sense! Keep your eyes (and nose) out for this highly aromatic blossom as you drive the HRFL.

Cherry Blossoms

Delicate white cherry blossoms.

You don’t need to travel to Japan or our nation’s capital to witness impressive displays of cherry blossoms. Since the blooms cluster all along the branch, you’ll easily find tree-sized, voluminous puffs of pink and white all around the Loop. It’s a breath-taking sight, especially against the deep-blue skies surrounding Mount Hood.

When you look closer, notice that the cherry blossom has a small indent at the end of its petals. That’ll help you tell it apart from the similar-looking peach blossom. To get a good peek at ‘em, take a break at The Gorge White House. You’ll have loads of blossom viewing, plus, it’s a great place to shop or grab lunch.

Peach Blossoms

Bright pink peach blossoms sit on a branch.

Another group of Hood River Fruit Loop blossoms you’ll no doubt see are those of the cheery peach tree. Although similar in appearance, these floral stunt-doubles differ from the cherry blossom with shorter, single-pointed petals and a more vivid pink color.

Even though you’ll see a bevy of peach beauties this spring, U-Pick season for this fruit won’t start until late August. So, mark your calendar for a return visit! 

In fact, the HRFL boasts new things to see and enjoy almost weekly as the scenery and produce change throughout the season. You’ll find summer and autumn here just as wild and wonderful as the springtime.

Pear Blossoms

White pear blossoms against green leaves and a blue sky.

Last, but not least, put your hands together for the gorgeous pear blossom – a flower that flourishes in Hood River County. This lightly colored flower contrasts sweetly with the darker anther that peppers its center. 

Did you know that 88% of the United States’ fresh pears come from Oregon and Washington State? That’s right! The region’s rich terrain and friendly climate make it a prime location for all sorts of pear varieties.

Once the Hood River Fruit Loop blossoms say ‘adieu’ for the season, prepare yourself for fall’s harvest. You’ll marvel at the many kinds of pears to see and taste. From the golden Bosc and red-speckled Anjou, to the lovely greens of the Comice or Bartlett pears, you’ll find you can spend hours exploring all the delightful differences.

Know Before You Go

For COVID precautions, don’t forget to take a mask for indoors or specified venues. Mid-week is often less crowded too if you’re looking to avoid larger crowds.

Open in April

While some of the HRFL locations are ready for visitors earlier in the year, other operations may not open until after April. Make sure to check the hours of the businesses you want to visit before you go. 

To get you started, here’s a list of stops that will be open April 1st (if not earlier) when you come to see the blooms this spring.

Spring Back to Life with Us in the Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge hosts a variety of truly amazing things to do and see all year long. The springtime blossoms you’ll find along the Hood River Fruit Loop are no exception. Come see for yourself. Enjoy the Gorge with us as it springs back to life!

Make a Stay of It

Mount Adams Cabin at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins in Carson, Washington.When you’re headed this way, don’t just make a day of it – make a stay of it!

Once you’ve taken in all the Hood River Fruit Loop blossoms you’d like, round out your perfect day in nature with a stay at our cabins. Our bed and breakfast is just a 30-minute drive from downtown Hood River.

We often have mid-week lodging specials to transform your day-of-play into a fantastic getaway.

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