5 Reasons You Need a Romantic Getaway this Valentine’s Day

Many couples observe February 14th with an evening out or an exchange of gifts. But we say, why not use this time to not only celebrate your love but to also get it burning hotter than before? Keep reading to find five reasons you need a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day.

1. New Experiences to Reignite the Spark

Buddhist Sex Therapist and author of Buddha’s Bedroom, Cheryl Fraser, Ph.D suggests trying new and different things to recreate the thrill of falling in love. And this begs the question, when was the last time you took off on a romantic getaway just for two?

Here at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins, choices abound to get you out of the norm. You may set out on exhilarating winter hikes or cozy up by the fire with a bottle of wine and a sexy board game. Who knows?! Whichever adventure you chose, a private, romantic cabin for you and your sweetheart can help keep it fresh for that thrill of falling in love all over again.

Sock Feet by the Fireplace

2. Remove Distractions that Create Disconnects

Things like computers and social connectivity are great – until they get in the way of our intimate connections. So, set off on a romantic getaway to get away from all those distractions that pop up between you and your sweetie at home.

Of course, you’ll have all the high-speed internet and amenities needed at the Cabins. But just as easily, the tall pines and secluded walks can transport you to a place far from busy schedules and digital diversions.

A weekend away in Washington’s natural beauty can help you boost connectivity of the romantic sort!

Romantic Breakfast

3. No Daily Chores = Equal Division of Labor

Ok…we’re being a little tongue in cheek here, but when you take off on a romantic getaway, you leave the daily chores to someone else. This way, you and your partner get to fully relax.

Make Valentine’s Day a holiday for both of you. Leave behind those everyday tasks that interrupt together time and enjoy your own Snuggle-palooza. Here at the Cabins, we’ll get you started with a homemade 3-course breakfast every morning – and we’ll take care of the dishes, too.

Roses and Champagne
4. Set the Stage for Romance

What are the things you associate with romance? Is it quiet time together, velvety red roses, or luxurious comfort? Surround yourself with all of it to enliven your senses and invite sensuality.

With our jetted tubs and decadent beds draped in satiny Comphy Luxury bedding, you can relax into the excitement of being in love. Top it off with a Carson Ridge romance package, and you’ll have set the stage for a romantic experience you won’t soon forget.

Luxury Bath

5. Get Away to Get Back to “You”

Let’s face it: work, busy schedules and the like can make anyone crabby! And when we’re stressed or tired, we may not be bringing our best selves to our relationships. Take off on a romantic weekend in Washington to get back to the person (and partner!) you want to be.

Rest and replenish yourself in nature. Enjoy a leisurely pace and take long Dead Sea salt baths for two. As the stress of the daily grind melts away, you’ll find yourself feeling more like your old self. When you look at it this way, a romantic getaway isn’t a just a luxury, it’s what the doctor ordered!

However you choose to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, we send you warm wishes for endless tender moments and a sweet growing love.

Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins is the perfect place to reconnect with your partner. Located in Carson, WA near the Columbia River Gorge, you will relax and recharge each night in a private, luxurious cabin. Rise each morning surrounded by the beauty of the mountains, as you enjoy a delicious gourmet bnb breakfast. Check out the romance packages to add even more fun to your getaway!

Snowflakes fall in front of the Mt. Adams cabin at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins in Washington State.

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