Maryhill Museum

So, what is all the fuss?  Is Maryhill just another museum?  I think not!  Maryhill boasts an incredible collection of art and artifacts that is only rivaled by the colorful four benefactors of the Museum – an entrepreneur, a Queen, a pioneer of modern dance living in France and the wife of a San Francisco sugar magnate.  Maryhill Museum of Art is a must see on your trip to the Columbia River Gorge.


According to the museum’s website ( the permanent collection represents the eclectic taste of the founder, Samuel Hill, and the network of friends that he cultivated as he turned the castle on the Columbia River into a world-class art museum. Among these friends, the modern dancer Loïe Fuller provided the genesis of the collection including several works of her friend Auguste Rodin.  (Yes, you read that right – RODIN!)  Sam’s dear friend, Queen Marie of Romania, contributed Orthodox icons and memorabilia of her life. But it was Loïe who convinced her friend Alma de Bretteville Spreckels, wife of a San Francisco sugar magnate, to donate European and American paintings and her magnificent collection of object d’art from the palace of the Queen of Romania, making the collection of Romanian art and artifacts truly one-of-a-kind. It was also Alma’s suggestion to house the renowned Théâtre de la Mode at Maryhill Museum of Art.

In addition, the collection of art and artifacts of the indigenous people of North America continues to grow through purchases and gifts and represents nearly every basket making tradition and style in North America and works of art from prehistoric through contemporary.

Spoil yourself and spend a day at the museum – you will not regret it!  And we are more than happy to help you plan a wine tasting on the way or a nice dinner on the way back to Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins.  After all, we are here to make your stay special and memorable.

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