Indian Heaven Wilderness Area


Indian Heaven Wilderness is 20,600 acres of broad, rolling country, straddling the crest of the Cascade Range with subalpine meadows and 175 small lakes.  Indian Heaven offers visitors wildlife and panoramic views, as well as wildflowers and huckleberries, in season.  Created in 1984 as part of the Washington Wilderness Bill and located between Mt. Adams and the Columbia River Gorge, Indian Heaven is situated on a high plateau with numerous open meadows, forested areas, and more than 150 lakes. Many of the lakes are stocked to provide good fishing for anglers.

The natural scenic beauty of Indian Heaven is enhanced by several interesting volcanic formations such as East Crater and Lake Sahalee-Tyee. Lemei Rock is the highest point in the area, at 5,927 feet, and provides majestic views of the Cascades and Wapiki Lake.

Snow melts away in the area about mid-July. Fall is a good time to visit, with brilliant colors flourishing, and the mosquito season nearly over. There are nearly 42 miles of trails providing a variety of backcountry travel experiences. Deer and elk reside here until winter snows drive them lower, along with black bears attracted to the ripening of fall huckleberries.

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