Have Fun E-biking in the Columbia River Gorge this Vacation!

E-biking to work is very popular in the U.S. Still, not as many people think of e-biking as a vacation activity. When actually, it’s a fantastic way to visit a new area! Ride further, sweat less and smile more! So, with no further ado, let’s tell you what you need to know to get e-biking in the Columbia River Gorge this vacation.

What Is an E-bike?

For starters, you may be asking, “What is an E-bike, anyway?” An electric bike (or e-bike for short) is similar to the traditional bicycles you probably know. They come in many styles like the cruisers, mountain bikes and road bikes you see most every day.The key difference is that e-bikes have a battery-operated motor and the controls to go with it. The system can be set up to lightly assist you with pedaling, helping you to get more power from each pedal stroke. Or, the power can be increased greatly, making it so you can cruise up a steep hill without breaking a sweat.

However you adjust your bike, get ready for miles of smiles – because fun comes standard with every ride.

Why Go E-biking in the Columbia River Gorge?

When you come to vacation in the Gorge, you’ll quickly see there’s a lot to do. Recreating in the glorious outdoors. Visiting breathtaking waterfalls. Soaking up the multitude of gorge-ous views.
Riding an e-bike is the perfect way to combine all of this, while also having fun and, literally, getting more mileage from your vacation. Consider the following.

Cover More Ground

The Gorge has a lot to offer. So, get ready to go further and even faster than you’re used to pedaling on a traditional bike. Ride more miles with less effort. Make more scenic stops without the car parking hassle. E-biking in the Columbia River Gorge will help you do more, easily.

Exercise Lite – Because it’s Your Vacation

Who says there has to be pain for gain? You won’t have to exert as much energy on an e-bike compared to a traditional bike, and you still get to ride a bike.

You’ll be controlling your bike, and depending upon the level of pedaling assistance, you’ll be pushing pedals. Get your body moving with less workout. E-biking in the Columbia River Gorge makes getting a little exercise a lot of fun!

Leveling the Playing Field

Because there is pedaling assistance, e-biking can be a great activity for groups with varying fitness levels. Slower riders can stay close to faster ones with a little help from a friend (a.k.a. motor).

Save the, “Go on without me,” for the movies while you and your riding partners take on the Gorge together.

How to E-bike in the Columbia River Gorge

If you’re coming to the Gorge, there’s a few ways to get you e-biking. The area has several outfitters who rent bikes and can even take you on tours. Both will help you get set up on a bike right for you.

Rent & Ride Your Own Adventure

If you know where you want to get riding, you can go straight to renting your own bike and explore as you like.

Where to Rent

Here are a few of our favorite shops in Hood River for renting e-bikes. With knowledgeable and friendly staffs, they’ll get you sorted out for a fun day on two wheels.

Where to Ride

The skies the limit if you want to cruise around Hood River on your rented e-bikes. Two popular areas to explore are the Mosier Twin Tunnels and the Hood River Fruit Loop.

  • Mosier Twin Tunnels – take a trip back in time on this historic highway that’s now designated for hikers, bikers and pedestrians
  • Hood River Fruit Loop – touring the farm stands and vineyards of Hood River County is excellent for e-biking in the Columbia River Gorge

Get a Guided Tour

Or, you can always get the inside scoop. Find lesser-known routes as you go e-biking in the Columbia River Gorge with an experienced guide. The Gorge hosts a few different companies who are ready to show you the best of the area. Each has their own style and tours so check out their websites to find what interests you most. Full day, half day, fast tour, slow tour – it’s all up to you!

Hood River Based E-bike Tour Guides

Enjoy E-Biking in the Columbia River Gorge this Vacation

With all the things to see and fun to be had, there’s no time like the present to try e-biking in the Columbia River Gorge. Whether you go your own way or bike with a guide, no doubt you’ll be making vacation memories to last a lifetime.

Make a Stay of It!

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Exterior of the dog-friendly Northern Territory cabin at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins.

You’ll start every morning with homemade 3-course breakfast so you’re ready for a full day of adventure. When you’re done e-biking in the Columbia River Gorge, come back to soak in a jetted tub or enjoy an in-cabin massage.

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