Embrace Adventure at the Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge

If you are an adventurer looking for your next endeavor, look no further! The Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge is a fantastic opportunity here in the beautiful Hood River area in Washington State. Every August, hundreds of paddleboard enthusiasts navigate down the river in hopes they will finish first. This year, the event takes place August 19-20. Admire the breathtaking views from the water as you journey through the Columbia River Gorge, or spectate from the sandy beach. This annual event captures the beauty and excitement of the Gorge, and it’s just a half hour away from Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins. Register for the event now and challenge yourself through the river’s current, waves, and winds on your paddleboard during the competition.

Types of Races at the Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge

Downwind Distance

The Downwind Double Down race is the ultimate test of physical strength. Racers begin at Viento State Park, paddle 8 miles downwind to the finish line, then are shuttled back up to the park for yet another 8-mile paddle. This challenging course mixes beauty and difficulty, as well as showcases the excitement of the river. Paddlers bask in the Washington sunlight as stunning views of rock formations dotted with evergreens span the distance. All the while, they must fight strong winds through rough waters and large swells. The results of the race are based on the combined times of each competitor’s two runs.

Course Races

The course races take place at Waterfront Park so the spectators can see the world’s top athletes, friends, or family compete in the multi-lap course races. There are various classes to ensure competitors of all levels are accommodated. Each group then makes mile-long laps down the Columbia River. These races are optimal for spectators, since the course is entirely visible from Waterfront Park. The Elite Course Race is divided into men’s and women’s categories and has a cash prize for the winner. Whether you are an experienced paddler or novice, you are sure to enjoy each lap through the cool waters and the challenge of the prevailing westward wind.

On the Beach of Waterfront Park

The fun doesn’t stop on the water. Feel the energy of the races at Waterfront Park as you watch some of the world’s top athletes and beginners join together in a celebration of paddleboarding. The crescent-shaped beach is the perfect spot for viewing and visiting. Claim a spot on the warm sand to visit with friends, family, racers between heats, as well as other spectators. Let the distant rolling hills and blue skies mesmerize you as you cheer on the competition.You’ll want to make time to visit the vendors and sponsors who set up tents on the grassy area. You’ll find a variety of snacks, goods, and paddleboard gear. There are paddleboarding lessons and demonstrations, as well as live music to add to the spirit of the event.

After the Race, Retreat to Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins

After the race, allow your muscles to truly relax in your jetted tub, then relish in a spa treatment in the comfort of your own luxurious cabin. A therapeutic massage will target areas of increased muscular tension, or a hot stone massage will relax achy muscles. Either option is sure to rejuvenate you after the Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge. After you are fully at ease, continue to enjoy our oasis with a walk through our magnificent wild gardens or a glass of wine on your private porch. Browse through our cabins and book your favorite today!

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