See Some of the Best of Oregon at Starvation Creek Park

Starvation Creek History

Starvation Creek State Park has such a unique name, so what is the story behind it? There are two popular theories. The first is that pioneers attempted to settle here but had a hard time finding provisions. The second and most widely believed theory is that there were two trains stuck in the heavy winter snows during the winter of 1884-1885. The passengers and crew were kept there for days without any proper supplies. Legend has it that they only survived because of the heroic men that packed life-saving provisions from Hood River on skis. Now, this area of land is a state park after it was bought between 1930 and 1960 from private landowners.

What You’ll Find at Starvation Creek State Park

You’ll find multiple trails for hiking in Starvation Creek Park. Many of the trails are easy, but if you want a challenge, hear to the Upper Loop. The steep terrain is difficult for many to climb, so it is recommended you only attempt it if you are a seasoned hiker. If not, stick to the easy trails where some portions are even paved since they were part of an old highway and are easy for walking.

During your travels, you’ll be rewarded with amazing scenery. As you walk, you’ll constantly be surrounded by greenery. Bubbling brooks wind through the forest to serenade your hike with the calming sounds of flowing water. If you explore all the trails, you’ll have the opportunity to see four waterfalls cascade through towering rock formations. Keep your eye out for scenic overlooks, and if you visit during the spring and early summer, you’ll see an array of brilliantly colored wildflowers lining the trails.

Local tip: During the spring and summer weekends, try to arrive early. There are only 29 parking spaces, and they tend to fill up during nice weather.

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