Plan Your Wedding Escape to Our Hood River Inn

Our Hood River Inn has weddings on our minds these days, as our Carson Ridge Private Luxury Cabins provides ideal ambiance. Our romantic Washington cabins are the perfect location for any couple who wants an intimate wedding experience that takes full advantage of our spectacular outdoor surroundings.

We’re hosting three weddings just in the next few weeks.

The Columbia River Gorge is such a popular location for weddings – for Pacific Northwest natives and couples from far away, too. And our romantic Washington cabins nestled against Carson Ridge are just minutes from Hood River.

Smaller groups love our landscaped grounds, with the terraced lawns and meandering paths mowed around our grassy hillside. We even have a heart-shaped clearing with a stunning view of the Gorge, perfect for outdoor wedding ceremonies. This is an ideal setting for traditional and non-traditional couples to share a simple exchange of vows or create your own personalized ceremony that incorporates our beautiful, tranquil environment.

Our romantic Washington cabins are perfect for small weddings with family and close friends.
Share your wedding with those most dear, filling our ten cabins so you can enjoy more than just the ceremony together. We have enough outdoor space to accommodate additional daytime guests for the ceremony and following celebration. We have a brand new fire pit, too. And our upcoming wedding groups are especially excited to extend their festivities around the fire in the evenings.

Simply elope, to our romantic Washington cabins.
Many couples prefer to elope and save the big party for later. When it’s just the two of you and your officiant, you can focus completely on each other as you begin your lives together. Read what Marcie and Chuck had to say about their experience here at our Carson Ridge Private Luxury Cabins.

Start your honeymoon in one of our romantic Washington cabins.
If you’re having your wedding somewhere else but want the ultimate in private, romantic first-night accommodations, our luxurious Hood River lodging choices are the place to spend your wedding night before heading off on your honeymoon.

On the other hand, why leave? Many couples spend their entire honeymoon here. You’ll get all the privacy and pampering you want, yet there’s no end of fun day trips from wine tasting to sight-seeing and outdoor recreation to shopping and dining in nearby Hood River. And you can indulge in our in-cabin spa treatments, too.

If a wedding is on your mind these days, it makes sense to pick the most romantic ambiance in the Columbia River Gorge. But we recommend booking early, whether you choose one of our wedding packages or want help creating a wedding experience designed specially for you.

Next year we’ll look forward to welcoming you back for your anniversary.

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