Here Is Your Ultimate Pacific Northwest Vacation Itinerary

The area around Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins is known for its extraordinary natural beauty. You can spend decades exploring all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, but as locals, we have narrowed it down to some of our favorites. We created this Pacific Northwest vacation itinerary to help you start planning your getaway.

Vacation Itinerary: Day 1

Afternoon: Get Settled in at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins

First things first– you need to get settled in at your cabin. Check in at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins and bring your bag into your accommodations. You can purchase wine and beer on site; request to have some waiting for you when you walk in. Whether you flew in or had a long drive to get here, once you step onto our property, an instant calm will wash over you. Freshen up and get ready for your adventures.

Evening: Unwind at Backwoods Brewing

Once you’re settled in, head out to Backwoods Brewing. Its convenient location right across the street makes it the perfect place to grab a bite after traveling. Start your vacation off right with a local beer and a delicious meal. Their menu is entirely made from scratch, and local ingredients are used when possible. Crowd favorites include the unique pizzas and sandwiches, but the menu is vast and has many options!

Day 2: Relax and Rejuvenate

Morning: Indulge in a Delicious Breakfast

There’s nothing better than waking up to a delicious breakfast prepared just for you. You can order in-cabin breakfast service for an extra relaxing start to the day. We make our homemade breakfast every morning to power you up right. Guest favorites include bagel sandwiches, crème brûlée French toast, and homemade scones. 

Mid-Morning: Take an Easy Hike

There are countless easy hikes you can enjoy near Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins, and we are happy to share some of our favorites with you. We recommend heading somewhere like Panther Creek Falls. The trailhead is about a 20-minute drive away, and the short hike is perfect for an after-breakfast excursion. The trail itself is less than one-mile long, and you’ll reach the 130-foot cascade in no time. Relax on the viewing platform as you take it all in.

Afternoon: Time for Lunch

Drive over to our neighboring town of Stevenson for lunch. There are tons of great restaurants here, so there is something for everyone. Big River Grill is one of our favorites. Their menu has everything from comfort foods like pasta to healthy options like grilled wild salmon.

Mid-Afternoon: Experience the Carson Hot Springs

We have to include something unique on our Pacific Northwest vacation itinerary! The Carson Hot Springs is unlike anywhere you have ever been to before. Located right down the street from Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins, you get to soak in an antique tub from the 1930s filled with healing mineral water. The minerals ease pain, stress, indigestion, and more. It’s an all-natural remedy for nearly anything that ails you.

Evening: Treat Yourself to an In-Cabin Massage

Now that you had a rejuvenating soak at the Carson Hot Springs, it’s time to take your relaxation to the next level with a massage. Our spa treatments are offered in the privacy of your own cabin. Choose from a variety of massage options and even a salt scrub. If you’re here with your sweetheart, we recommend the Massage for 2.

Night: Relax by the Fire Pit

What’s more relaxing than sitting by an open fire? Our gas fire pit has become one of the most popular options for our guests to enjoy as they sit back and take in the fresh air. Bring a bottle of local wine or beer to sip on as you reminisce about your relaxing day.

Day 3: Explore

Morning: Get an Early Start

A day of exploration is ahead. Wake up early and grab a quick breakfast at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins, or get something to-go at Crosscut Espresso and Deli across the street to eat on your way. A Pacific Northwest vacation itinerary would not be complete without mentioning the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, and you’ll need to fuel up before the day ahead.

Mid-Morning: Arrive at the Gifford Pinchot National Forest & Start Exploring

The Gifford Pinchot National Forest is spread out for miles, so it’s challenging to see it all in one day. We recommend focusing your time on just one area, then coming back to see the others. We’ve listed out some of our favorite things to do here. If you have something specific in mind, just ask and we can make our recommendation. Here are some options we know you’ll enjoy:

Hike an Active Volcano

Have you ever visited an active volcano? Mount St. Helens is one of the most popular attractions in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. The most recent eruption was in 1980, and you can still see the destruction it left during your hike. Hike the Hummocks Trail to see the devastating effects of the eruption. Where ancient forests once grew, valleys of ash, rock, and mud remain. Local tip: If you want to go above 4,800 feet, you’ll need a climbing permit.

Explore Caves

The Gifford Pinchot National Forest is known for its many caves. The Ape Caves are some of the most famous. These caves were created when molten lava flowed through thousands of years ago. The outside of this flow hardened to create a tube-like structure. The Lower Tube is the easiest, so we recommend trying to tackle the lower option if it is your first time spelunking.

See a Beautiful Waterfall

This national forest is filled with many beautiful cascades. The Lower Lewis Falls are sure to impress. This magnificent cascade measures over 200 feet across and drops 43 feet into a cool, clear pool beneath. Surrounded by towering greenery, you will feel as if you are in another world.

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