The Columbia River Gorge is one of the most stunning destinations in the world. The tranquil Columbia River meandering through mountains covered in pine and wildflowers matched with the towering Mt. Hood to the South makes for dozens of photographic opportunities. You’ll want to document every moment in this magical paradise, but you can’t bombard your friends and family with hundreds of photos. Luckily for you, we’ve picked out the 5 most Instagram-worthy spots so you can snap the perfect shot. 

On Top of a Mountain

A picturesque sunset along the Columbia River.

With beautiful hills on either side of the Gorge, there are hundreds of photo ops to choose from. A local’s favorite is Mitchell Point, a 1.3 mile long hike through wildflowers during May – June and evergreen trees year-round. Reach the top and gaze out upon the Gorge with panoramic views and a picture-perfect summit. Pro Tip: Get up early for a sunrise hike to see the Gorge come alive for the day. The gold hues cast upon the valley make for an impressive photo.

At a Berry Farm

A woman hands filled with dark blue blueberries in a berry patch.

Summertime in the Columbia River Gorge is filled with treats made from the infamous Hood River strawberries, local marionberries, and the sweet blueberries that grow from June through July. Head to one of the local U-pick farms to gather pints of your favorite berries and snap a couple of shots of your fresh-picked produce! 

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls absolutely has to be on the list of most Instagrammable spots in the Gorge! This towering waterfall should be on the bucket list for any adventurer, traveler, and explorer. Come here during any season to view the most visited spot in Oregon! Autumn is just around the corner and the waterfall glimmers against the contrast of the bright yellow foliage. While visiting, make sure to get a snapshot of the iconic bridge or get a friend to take a picture of you on the bridge, with a high definition camera, of course. 

Anywhere with Mt. Hood in the Background

Mt Hood in background with evergreens flowers in foreground

Massive Mt. Hood can be seen for hundreds of miles in any direction. The closer you get to the iconic peak, the more beautiful it becomes. Find a viewpoint with Mt. Hood in the distance and snap a picture with you and your best friend. Photos like this will never go out of style. Want a lake reflection with Hood in it? Try Trillium lake on a calm day. 

At Carson Ridge Cabins An Instagram post of a couple sitting on the stairs to the Mount Hood cabin at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins in Carson, Washington.

You’re not supposed to brag too much about your amazing vacations, but there are no rules against letting the pictures do the talking for you! Put on your favorite sun hat, grab your picturesque pup, and a glass of local chardonnay because you are the coolest cat on the Columbia River Gorge. 

There is so much to capture in the Columbia River Gorge. From mountain-top views to your rustic-chic lodging, you’ll want to document it all and share with your friends and family. After visiting these great spots, you’ll start looking like a travel blogger in no time. 

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