Logtoberfest Is What Happens When History, Folklore, and Brews Are Combined

The Columbia River Gorge and the surrounding areas have long been the destination of folklore and make-believe. The gorgeous forests and mountainous terrain are thought to be harboring something that has never been caught, yet many people have claimed to see: Bigfoot. This creature has inspired books, movies, research, and even a festival in Washington State! Logtoberfest in Carson, WA, commemorates the culture of Skamania County. This involves memorializing their history of logging and embracing the legend of Sasquatch. Join in the fun during your stay at the Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins, and immerse yourself into the past and present culture of the Gorge.

History of Logtoberfest

Logtoberfest first took place in 2016, and now takes place every year in October. As soon as visitors stepped foot into the free festival, they knew it would become a Carson tradition. Logging and the elusive Sasquatch have long been part of Skamania County’s history, so Kevin Waters with Backwoods Brewing Company decided they needed to be celebrated!

Logtoberfest is a new festival to the area, but its roots are in history. The logging industry is responsible for the development of Washington State. From the mid-1800s to the mid-1900s, logging was the most important industry in the entire state. Its many dense forests were perfect harvesting spots for loggers who then created logging towns and settled in the area. Folklore and stories have been born from these loggers. One of the most famous legends is the creature that resides in the Washington forests. Known as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and the Yeti, there have been hundred of supposed sightings across the state. Whether it is real or not, the Board of County Commissioners wrote into law that it’s a felony if you harm Bigfoot in Skamania County!

Logtoberfest Entertainment

Logtoberfest has more than enough activities to keep you busy all day. Local bands grace the stage from morning to night. Sit back and relax with a cold beer in hand, or get up and dance the day away. There are events throughout the day like incredible chainsaw art. Watch the artist transform a log into a beautiful sculpture with nothing but a bulky chainsaw. You can also partake in some wooden crafts or learn about Washington State’s history when you watch some vintage logging equipment demonstrations. Shop around at some of the stands run by local artists and businesses, then keep partaking in the festival events. A crowd favorite is making your own apple cider!

Brews and Food at Logtoberfest

Local breweries are some of the main sponsors for Logtoberfest. There are tastings available, and if you choose to participate you will get a commemorative Mason Jar. Breweries present in the past have been Backwoods Brewing, Ashtown, Breakside, Double Mountain, Freebridge, Everybody’s Brewing, Walking Man, and Thunder Island. There is also hard cider and local wine for those looking to try something else. Make sure to come to the festival dressed as a logger; you’ll get a free drink! If you’re looking for something to pair with all that beer, don’t worry. There will be food vendors throughout the venue from local businesses offering some tasty choices.

After Logtoberfest, Return to Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins

During your visit to the Gorge, treat yourself to a sumptuous stay at the Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins. After your fun-filled day at Logtoberfest, return to your private cabin to relax. Sit on your porch with a glass of wine or visit with other guests at our fire pit. Here in Carson, WA, we offer breathtaking views from our luxury cabins and three acres of beautifully landscaped gardens to enjoy. From spotless cabins to delicious breakfasts and warm hospitality, we want you to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate. Carve out some time to browse through each one of our gorgeous cabins and pick the perfect Columbia River lodging for your visit!

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