Hood River Kiteboarding is an Amazing Summer Activity

The Gorge is a great location for outdoor activities, including some fantastic watersports. You can experience some truly unique views and adventures in the Pacific Northwest! Just a short drive from the Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins, you can find some great Hood River kiteboarding outfitters. Race along the waters of Hood River while taking in magnificent jagged cliffside views and mountain peaks in the distance. The Hood River kiteboarding season is the best during our warmest months, so plan your summer vacation to the Gorge today!

You’ll Love Hood River Kiteboarding

Cascade Kiteboarding

For personal, professional, and fun Hood River kiteboarding instruction, visit Cascade Kiteboarding in Hood River, OR, just 30 minutes away from the Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins. This great Hood River kiteboarding outfitter offers water lessons two miles upwind, away from the busy sandbar. During your lesson, you will get customized training and all the equipment you need for two and a half hours on the water. You can also participate in a kite flight lesson which will give you the thrilling feeling of soaring with a power kite!

New Wind Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding the Oregon Coast is a truly unforgettable adventure! With New Wind Kiteboarding, you can kite the Gorge and explore this beautiful world-renowned outdoor recreation mecca. Frequent windy conditions are available all summer long, making it the ideal place for a kitesurfing escapade. From May through October, enjoy a thrilling journey in Hood River. Skirt along the water and take in awe-inspiring landscapes. And at New Wind, you will receive step-by-step training to ensure the best possibly kitesurfing experience!

Kite the Gorge

The latest evolution in the world of sailing is kiteboarding, and its one of the best water activities to experience during your vacation to the Columbia River Gorge. With Kite the Gorge, you will receive a combination of expert instruction and ideal wind and water conditions. If you’re new to the sport, enjoy some “Get Started Kitesurfing Lessons” for great exposure. If you’re already hooked, enjoy some more advanced lessons and an open water experience. Ride upwind, downwind, and learn how to complete transitions and self-launch. Both beginners and experts will love a day on the water with Kite the Gorge!

Plan Your Summer Vacation to the Columbia River Gorge

Not only is the water the perfect temperature for Hood River kiteboarding in the summer, but there are many incredible outdoor escapades to enjoy. Go golfing in Washington State, get lost in the sound of nature at Falls Creek Falls, or enjoy a mountain biking adventure! If you’re looking for another water adventure in the Gorge, then consider white water rafting. Or, if you’re more comfortable going on a drive through the countryside, tour the Hood River County Fruit Loop! There are so many amazing ways to enjoy the beautiful waters, rolling hills, and lush forests of the Gorge. Another is by staying on our gorgeous property! At the Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins, you will have your own private oasis among some of the prettiest local landscapes. Plan your summer vacation today!

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