Why You Need to Fish Your Day Away on a Hood River Fishing Trip

The area around Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins is filled with rugged mountains, towering trees, and sparkling waters. Relaxation is key while you’re on vacation, and by the water is the perfect place to do it! Experience the beauty and relaxing properties of the Columbia River and mountain lakes when you go Hood River fishing.

Where to Go Hood River Fishing

The Columbia River

The portion of the Columbia River in Hood River County is known as the Bonneville Pool. Here, you will find a wide variety of fish. Salmon and steelhead trout are the most abundant, but the fall chinook run is one of the most popular times for Hood River fishing here. Shad can also be caught in these waters; a good spot to fish for them is from the shores of Cascade Locks.

Hood River

Hood River, the river that bears the same name as both the town and county, is full of fish. Many overlook these waters in favor of going to the Columbia River, but we prefer to come here during certain times of the year! You can cast a line to try to catch steelhead year round, but we recommend coming from February to April when they are most plentiful. Spring chinook can also be caught here, but make sure their fishing season is open before you do so.

Lost Lake

If you’re looking for some lakefront Hood River fishing, you’ll love Lost Lake. With the majestic Mount Hood looming in the background, the scenery here can’t be beaten. Once the winter weather transforms into spring sunshine, this lake is stocked with rainbow trout. You can also find brown trout and kokanee in small numbers. Because no motors are allowed on the lake, it is always peaceful and calm.

Go Hood River Fishing with Our Fishing Package

At Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins, it is our goal to give you the trip of a lifetime. We have a list of Adventure Packages, including a fishing package, to do just that! Let us get a fishing guide for you during your stay. Choose from 4, 8, 10, or 12-hour trips. Give us a call at (509)427-7777 for updated rates!

Relax at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins

After a day of Hood River fishing, come back and relax at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins. A day of casting and reeling should have you feeling calmer than ever. Keep up your refreshing stay when you indulge in an in-cabin massage. Allow your muscles to relax in the jetted tub before relishing in a fireside spa treatment. Enjoy the rest of your night in your private cabin; get a good night’s sleep before waking up to a delicious breakfast to start your day off right.

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