Find Fresh Produce at the Hood River Farmers’ Market

The Hood River Farmers’ Market is a wonderful weekly event to attend during your stay at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins. This local culinary staple here in the Gorge provides a chance to interact with local farmers and taste some delicious, fresh ingredients. Enjoy perusing the variety of vendors, selecting your favorite fruits and vegetables, and indulging in a hot meal while you wander. The Hood River Farmers’ Market is one of our favorite seasonal specialties that we hope you will love!

Basic Information

The Hood River Farmers’ Market is a weekly event from May 7th until November 19th. The Saturday farmers’ market varies in times throughout the season and is located at 5th & Columbia Parking Lot. Over 20 vendors are features at each Hood River Farmers’ Market, with up to 40 in the peak summer season. These vendors bring fresh, local foods with them for your tasting and purchasing pleasure. Enjoy a variety of delicious food, from meat and cheese to berries, veggies, and fruits. Breads, honeys, and jams are other favorite items on display. Celebrate the harvest of the season with a visit to the Hood River Farmers’ Market!

What You Will Discover

Along with a range of delectable, fresh foods at vendor booths, there is also some live entertainment at the Hood River Farmers’ Market. Listen to live music while you sort through gourds, pumpkins, and melons. If you’re looking for great recipe ideas with the ingredients in front of you, then attend a cooking demonstration. You might just discover your favorite new meal! There are also hot food vendors each week, bringing some lunch treats that will satiate your hunger as you wander through the market. Nothing rouses your appetite quite like perusing fresh, delicious food. There is also some great local artwork from some of the finest artisans in the area. Don’t miss out on the festivities if you happen to be in town during this favorite weekly event!

Culinary Attractions Near the Hood River Farmers’ Market

If you’re looking to extend your culinary experience in the Gorge, then don’t let the Hood River Farmers’ Market be your only stop. Venture along the Fruit Loop driving tour to discover a wide variety of farm stands with even more fresh produce and local crafts. You can also indulge your palate with a wine tasting at nearby Cascade Cliffs Vineyard & Winery. The tasting room in Hood River is an ideal stop after perusing the farmers’ market in the morning.

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