Craft Beverages That Pair Perfectly With Summer!

As we close in on another warm summer of sun-drenched adventures on the Columbia River Gorge, we thought it’d be a good time to offer a roundup of our favorite Hood River breweries. Few things pair better with an exhausting but scenic hike than a cold pint of beer, after all! 

Great beer is a staple part of Oregon culture, but it isn’t the only craft beverage made in the Columbia River Gorge that’s worth your while. There are several fantastic Columbia Gorge wineries to consider, too – and an afternoon of wine tasting is a lovely contrast to grueling (but fabulous!) hikes. 

Though our neighbor to the west, Portland, has a healthy and thriving craft brew culture, you can expect to find a deliciously interesting group of breweries right here in the Hood River area. Hood River breweries pay special attention to their craft and serve up a delightful assortment of locally-inspired flavors and innovations. 

Whatever brings you to the Columbia River Gorge this summer, know there’s only one place worth considering as your home away from home. Our luxurious cabins in Washington are located on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge, just a short drive away from the best Hood River breweries, Columbia Gorge wineries, and many of the top things to do in the Gorge.

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Closeup of a woman sampling beer at one of the best Hood River breweries

The 5 Best Hood River Breweries

Whether a devoted craft brew aficionado or a casual beer lover, there’s plenty to love about Hood River Breweries. In the Columbia River Gorge, we’re surrounded by farms, producers, and local artisans. With such a rich agricultural base, local restauranteurs, brewmasters, and winemakers have plenty to work with, and the result is a local flavor that is beyond compare. 

As you visit these Hood River breweries, you’ll be able to taste the difference these locally-inspired flavors make in every pint. Everything here is fresh, unique, and absolutely delicious! To get you started on your beer-laden adventure through the Columbia River Gorge, we’ve listed five of our favorite Hood River Breweries, which represent some of the best breweries in Oregon!

  1. If you only have time to visit one of these Hood River Breweries, make it Pfriem Brewing. They operate a modern taproom in downtown Hood River, and though they have a range of delicious artisanal brews, they are best known for their Belgian and Northwest-style classic ales. We also recommend you take the time to sample some of their select and barrel-aged brews. 
  2. Another contender for the best Hood River breweries is Ferment Brewing, an establishment known for its farmhouse-style ales. Their tasting room overlooks the Columbia River, and their award-winning beers delight beer lovers from around the globe. 
  3. If you’re traveling with friends or someone who may not love beer, we recommend you head to Working Hands Fermentation. They have a great variety of beer to sample, but they are also colocated with Slopeswell Cider Co., which means there’s a little bit of something here for everyone. 
  4. With gorgeous river views and a delicious pint of locally-crafted beer waiting for you, it’s easy to see why Full Sail Brewing is one of the top Hood River breweries. We particularly love their outdoor patio – but their fantastic lineup of draft beer is pretty great, too. 
  5. Grab dinner in the form of a wood-fired pizza, enjoy some live music, and kick back with a fantastic beer at Double Mountain Brewery, a longtime staple among Hood River breweries.

As great as these Hood River breweries are, they aren’t the only great watering holes in the Columbia River Gorge! If you’re looking for even more great breweries in the Columbia River Gorge, consider visiting Everybody’s Brewing in White Salmon, WA. It’s on the way to our luxury cabins in Washington from Hood River, making it a great place to stop on your way back to us! Right across the street from us is another excellent brewery, Backwoods Brewing Company. Talk about a convenient – and delicious! – place to grab a pint on a warm summer evening!

A couple holding glasses of red wine from the top Columbia Gorge wineries - the perfect addition to your tasting adventures at the top Hood River breweries

5 Fantastic Columbia Gorge Wineries

Though we love a cold brew on a hot summer afternoon, we recognize that not everyone is a fan and will want to visit these Hood River breweries. Luckily for us, the Columbia River Gorge is home to plenty of craft beverages, including great spirits and some of the best Oregon & Washington wines. Skip the breweries and instead spend an afternoon wine tasting at the top Columbia Gorge wineries! 

The Columbia Gorge American Viticultural Area (AVA) encompasses both sides of the Columbia River. The unique geography is this area and its positioning in the rain shadow of Mount Hood and Mount Adams results in a drier climate than other areas in the Pacific Northwest. That makes it a fantastic region to grow several different grape varietals – and there are quite a few Columbia Gorge wineries doing just that! 

There are at least 40 Columbia Gorge wineries within 40 miles of each other, which means you can have one fantastic afternoon – or better yet, several – enjoying some delicious wine! Get ready for a delicious tasting adventure with these eight amazing Columbia Gorge wineries. 

  1. One of the best Columbia Gorge wineries to visit this summer is Marchesi Vineyards, known for its delicious Italian-style wines. Their outdoor patio is positively perfect on a summer day, too, where you’ll enjoy the smell of fragrant roses and views of the beautiful surrounding hills. 
  2. One of the most breathtakingly beautiful Columbia Gorge wineries is Stave and Stone Wine Estates. Though they do have a tasting room in downtown Hood River, we think visiting their vineyard and enjoying the view of Mt. Adams from their patio is well worth your time – as is their delightful Pinot Noir Rosé!
  3. Head to downtown Hood River and you’ll find one of the many delicious Columbia Gorge wineries, Evoke Winery. Their tasting room is convenient for those doing some shopping or waiting for dinner in Hood River, but the wine is worth a visit regardless of your other plans! 
  4. If you enjoy variety in your tasting experiences, then Hood Crest Winery and Distillers. The options here are extensive, and it extends beyond wine into delicious spirits as well. 
  5. Hiyu Wine Farm offers a variety of delicate wines that are truly unforgettable here, but just as delicious as the wines are the farm-to-table meal you can enjoy here. It’s just 22 miles from the peak of Mt. Hood and an incredibly worthwhile journey.  

As fantastic as these Columbia Gorge wineries are, we can’t forget to talk about the delicious bottle of Friendship wine that’s waiting for you in your cabin! It’s a private-label Pinot Gris made in partnership with our friends at Bear Creek Vineyards – another of the best Columbia Gorge wineries! This all-natural, crisp, fruit-forward wine is best enjoyed with friends or loved ones on the porch of our luxury cabins in Washington!

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