Where Is the Best Columbia River Gorge Bike Trail?

Everything You Need to Know About the Best Columbia River Gorge Bike Trail

Riding the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail is an excellent way to spend your day during your stay at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins. With 75 miles to tackle, you can try to get through the entire thing, or just choose part to leisurely pedal.

The History of the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail

What is now the Columbia River Gorge bike trail was once one of the most-used roads in the Gorge. The original route was the first major paved highway in all of the Pacific Northwest and is considered the first scenic highway in the country.

When the highway fell into disrepair, the Oregon State Legislature knew they had to preserve it. Not only is the scenery beautiful, but the craftsmanship on tunnels, bridges, and other engineering marvels needed to be kept and continued to be enjoyed. The Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail has been in the works ever since 1987. The Oregon State Legislature, the Oregon Department of Transportation, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, the State Historic Preservation Office, and Travel Oregon have all been working together to preserve this historic highway.

Where Is the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail?

The Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail stretches for 75 miles along the Columbia River. This map is a handy tool to see where parking is, so you can easily plan out your trip. Currently, there are three sections that are exclusively for bikers and pedestrians:

  • The eastern section is five miles long and can be found between Mosier and Hood River. Here, you will find two beautifully restored tunnels and gorgeous forests of fir and pine.
  • The section between Hood River and Cascade Locks is the closest to Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins. This 2-mile section goes between Starvation Creek Park and Viento State Park; parking is available at both sites.
  • The last 6.5-mile section starts at Cascade Locks and ends at the John B. Yeon State Scenic Corridor. This is one of the best sections to see wildflowers and greenery in the spring and summer. To bike this section, park at the Bridge of Gods in Cascade Locks.

What You’ll Find

As you pedal along this Columbia River Gorge bike trail, you’ll be treated to great views of the Columbia River Gorge. This was once a highway, so many parts are still standing. You’ll get to bike or walk through tunnels, see gorgeous arches created by masons, and look out over scenic vistas. Hopping on a bike and pedaling your way around is the perfect way to take in the beauty of the Gorge!

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Whether you are a biking enthusiast or just like to take a leisurely ride, we know you’ll love the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail. After you pedal this Columbia River Gorge bike trail, you’ll need a place to come back and relax.

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