Behind the Scenes at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins

Many of our guests would like to know what it takes to keep our luxury property operating and looking as good as it does. So we’ve decided to share with you some of our behind the scene’s happenings nowadays at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins!


Theresa stands in the kitchen as she prepares a fresh breakfast for guests of Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins.

Breakfast is the first order of business in the morning for a Bed & Breakfast! Theresa and Richard start their day by reviewing all the different recipes needed for the day’s menu.

If you’re on a gluten free diet, we create your baked goods first to make sure that there’s no cross-contamination with the gluten goods. Richard caters to each guest’s dietary restrictions when he cooks up the egg dishes, while Theresa does the same for the baked goods. No nuts, no wheat, no meat? No problem.


There are all sorts of schedules for deep cleaning beds, turning mattresses, dusting blinds… the list goes on. On a daily schedule the cleaning staff loads up their wagons with specialty products for cleaning in the hospitality industry.Our housekeeping staff carries around deep cleaning supplies on their carts in front some beautiful flowers

Then they head to your cabin when you step away for your daily adventure. Their goal is to keep it looking new for you each day of your stay. When you checkout they clean so thoroughly the next guest has no idea you were ever there! Read more about Thorough Cleaning Procedures on our recent blog post.


Tractors, pruners, sprinklers and lots of elbow grease keep our nine acres looking as manicured as possible. Plant Snap and Google are wonderful resources for learning how to prune and care for each plant.

Richard driving the tractor near the pines. Tractor work is somewhat regular to maintain the 9 acres of property.

Lately we’ve been clearing more bramble bushes and scotch broom from the “wild” section of the property, and pruning back the old apple orchard in hopes of those trees producing edible apples again some day. 

Guest Relations 

We’re blessed with some of the best guests the Gorge attracts. When an international guest arrives we have their country flag flying next to our American flag. It’s our way of welcoming them and you to our beautiful Columbia River Gorge.

Cabin guests stand in front of international flags at Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins.

Quite often we hear how the property is an oasis from everyday life. We greatly appreciate hearing that and we enjoy providing you with the experience for you to feel that way. 

Need to get away? Head our way to indulge in the oasis we’ve created for you to enjoy! 


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