Friendship. It’s what our wine is made of. 

Along with some darn-good Pinot Gris grapes.

Through a collaboration between Bear Creek Vineyards and Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins, four friends, sharing a love of discussion, invention and a belief in what’s possible, bring you this versatile private label Pinot Gris.

From nurtured, pesticide-free vines in the stunning Columbia River Gorge, you’ll find Friendship Wine crisp, delicious, fruit forward and the perfect pairing for connecting with those you hold dear.

What Makes Friendship Wine Special

A True Taste of the Terroir

Already coming from pesticide-free vines at Bear Creek Vineyard, Friendship Wine further retained its regional essence, undergoing a natural fermentation process, where no additives or processing aids were used.

As the wine transformed in steel tanks, the winemaker noted that the naturally occurring YAN (yeast assimilable nitrogen) in these grapes was superbly balanced, making this particular fermentation process top notch.

What’s more, Friendship Wine was produced using only the Pinot Gris grapes from Bear Creek Vineyard. This means, that with every sip, you experience the true taste of the region.

Purple Pinot Gris grapes rest in the foreground as the owner of Bear Creek Vineyard picks grapes in the background.

A Limited Batch

The small boutique run produced only 168 bottles, which in a way, makes each one a special edition. Needless to say, supplies are limited!

Friendship Wine label

Enjoy a Glass Today

$28 Bottle

$50 Friendship Wine Package

  • Connect with your loved one over Friendship Wine here at the cabins. Add this package to your reservation, and you’ll have a bottle chilling in your cabin for your arrival. Includes keepsake wine glasses.

Join Us in the Columbia Gorge Wine Experience

After moving to the Columbia River Gorge in 2015, the world of wine opened up to us in a new way. Being involved in communities that make wine, living in the climate that grows the grapes and enjoying the beautifully rugged terrain that nurtures the vines brought a new richness to the wine experience. So when our friends asked us if we wanted to make a wine together – we couldn’t resist.

Friendship Wine is an act of love, and celebrates many of the things we hold dear: community, natural surroundings and enjoying time with friends.

Nestled in a valley next to Washington’s Bear Creek, the vineyard is just 10 minutes from the cabins. When you have a glass on the porch of your Carson Ridge cabin, you can gaze on the trees that surround the vineyards and breath the very air that rustles the grape leaves.

We hope you join us in tasting our Friendship Pinot Gris, one of the many great wines in the Columbia River Gorge. 

Cheers to your health!

Theresa & Richard

Carson Ridge Cabins Owners enjoying a glass of Friendship Wine.

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