Our Grounds

Our cabins in Washington State are a slice of paradise just waiting for you to come and enjoy. The gorgeous natural gardens spread throughout our Columbia River Gorge bed and breakfast make a lovely spot to sit and reflect.

Stroll up the hill to the rock-walled wedding lawns with gorgeous views of Carson Ridge and relax in the wooden Adirondack chairs. Then wander up through the meadow and find the slim path that leads to the secret hammock garden.

Flowers and plants abound in the spring summer and fall. And winter is the perfect excuse to do absolutely nothing at all and just enjoy romantic getaways in Washington State.

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Pink and purple lupine stand in front of a Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins.
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Our Property

In the small town of Carson, Washington, adult guests at our bed and breakfast in Washington State enjoy the country setting surrounded by meadows and towering pine forests with stunning views of neighboring mountain ridges, and the Cascade Mountain Range – it’s a feast for the eyes.

Wandering through our 9 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens with private seating areas and dry creek beds, you might observe the grace and elegance of the deer as they nibble on the plants or hide in the birch grove. You might also catch a glimpse of the pheasant who has come to call our cabins in Washington state his home, or the flitting birds playing in the birdbaths. We help protect the environment, and all the local wildlife, through our Eco-Friendly practices.

Awaken your senses and watch the sun rise above Wind River Mountain, or relax in the evening at our Carson bed and breakfast as the setting sun casts a pink glow along the Columbia River Gorge. Join us for the ultimate in romantic getaways in Washington State.

We have the Tesla and Clipper Creek electric vehicle (EV) charge station onsite for our guests.

Tesla data: 240-Volt, 80-amp / 25ft cable

ClipperCreek data: 240 volt 40-amp / 25ft cable


The owners of Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins believe in doing what you love, because life is too short to do what you think you ought to. As owners, Richard & Theresa wish to perpetuate their passions for hospitality and protecting the environment, which is reflected in the Carson Ridge Green Lodging Program.

When you indulge in one of our cozy cabins, you’ll feel good knowing that your getaway is not only luxurious but environmentally friendly. As you stroll through our gorgeous gardens and enjoy your comfortable cabin, take a look at some of the green additions that have been put in place. Book your stay knowing you are protecting the environment!

eco friendly Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins

Carson Ridge’s Green Lodging Program currently includes:

  • A recycling program for our entire bed and breakfast in Washington State, with blue boxes in all cabins to encourage guests to recycle and remind them of the importance of recycling
  • Presently the items disposed of in the blue boxes are sorted into recyclable categories and delivered to the nearest recycle depot
  • A towel re-use program is in place so only towels that require washing will be replaced, thus reducing both water and energy consumption
  • Environmentally-friendly bathroom amenities
  • Keeping our windows open, rather than running the air conditioning. Fresh air is much healthier than the stale air of a closed room
  • Using energy-efficient lighting, appliances, insulation, weather stripping, and turning off lights and appliances when not in use
  • Using on-demand water heaters so electricity is not wasted keeping a water tank heated
  • Solar lit pathways on property
  • Low maintenance gardens that require minimum watering
  • Local and seasonal food in our kitchen
  • Creating partnerships with other organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to preserving the environment
  • Utilizing environmentally-responsible building materials and strategies for new properties and renovations to reduce environmental impact
  • Silver Level for Green Leaders through TripAdvisor
  • Green Door through the WIIN

Our property offers ultimate romance in our luxury cabins and Hood River spa.

We hope to have you as our guests soon.

Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins is Your Vacation Destination!

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