Explore all the best Southwest Washington things to do!

There is never a shortage of Southwest Washington things to do, and Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins is right in the middle of it all. Surrounded by so many exciting adventures, there’s so much to see and do in our area including our own retreat offerings, farm-to-table dinners, outdoor adventure packages, and more! There are so many things to do in Carson, Hood River, and surrounding towns, so we’ve compiled a list of 101 Southwest Washington things to do during your vacation.

Thrill seekers, outdoor enthusiasts, or those who like the simple things in life will find something perfect for them in our expansive list.

If you are wondering what to do in Hood River while on your vacation, you’ll find things like fishing, white water rafting, walking trails, gorge tours, skiing and snowshoeing in the winter, ice caves, scenic driving routes in the fall, and many more Hood River activities worth exploring. If you’re looking for more ideas on Southwest Washington things to do, make sure to look through our complimentary Vacation Guide!

Here are our top 101 Southwest Washington things to do during your getaway to Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins:

Here are our top 101 things to do during your holiday at Carson Ridge Cabins.

    1. Absolutely nothing. When is the last time you pampered yourself?
    2. Take the short drive to Panther Creek Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area. Read more…
    3. Hike to the top of Dog Mountain for a panoramic view of the Gorge. Read more…
    4. Visit Mt. St. Helens.
    5. Relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with a private yoga class. Read more…
    6. Take a self-guided wine tour or have us arrange one for you. Read more…
    7. Explore the Fruit Loop of Hood River Valley and enjoy seasonal fruits. Read more…
    8. Enjoy a couples’ massage in front of your fireplace. Read more…
    9. View the wildflowers! Read more…
    10. Enjoy a Thai massage in the privacy of your own cabin.
    11. Hike Beacon Rock.
    12. Take a picnic to Lower Falls and hike to Middle and Upper Falls.
    13. Shop in downtown Hood River or wander through the Thursday Market.
    14. Hike to Falls Creek Falls and meditate or relax at the base of the double waterfall. Read more…
    15. Have breakfast delivered right to your door to enjoy inside the cabin or on your private porch!
    16. View the Gorge aboard the Sternwheeler.
    17. Enjoy cross-country skiing at one of the many ski parks.
    18. Visit the Mary Hill Museum.
    19. Go windsurfing or try a windsurfing lesson!
    20. Soak in your jetted tub with the lavender bath salts.
    21. Drive to Larch Mountain to view the 5 volcano peaks; it’s spectacular! Read more…
    22. Explore the forest on a guided hiking tour with Martin’s Gorge Tours.
    23. Challenge yourself to a game of golf at the Skamania Golf Course.
    24. Visit Herman the Sturgeon at the Bonneville Dam; he’s 10 feet long!
    25. Snuggle up in your big log bed and watch a movie.
    26. Go on a brew pub tour! Read more…
    27. Go for a soak in the mineral tubs at Carson Hot Springs or Bonneville Hot Springs.
    28. Hike into the natural hot springs up the Wind River.
    29. Go for a white water rafting trip on the White Salmon River. Read more…
    30. Enjoy bird watching right from your own deck.
    31. Take a stroll around the quaint town of Stevenson.
    32. Go horseback riding through the mountains and forests with Northwest Stables.
    33. Go snowmobiling in the snow parks.
    34. Drive the loop from Carson to Mount Adams and stop for a huckleberry milkshake.
    35. Play a board or card game in your cabin.
    36. Visit the lavender farms in Hood River. Read more…
    37. Go on a spelunking (caving) tour of the lava tubes.
    38. Go snow shoeing at the snow park just north of Carson.
    39. Go fishing for sturgeon, salmon, or steelhead in one of the many local rivers. Read more…
    40. Enjoy a soak in your jetted tub followed by a salt scrub in front of your fireplace. Read more…
    41. Drive through the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and marvel at the massive trees.
    42. [contentimageright][/contentimageright]Go kite boarding or take kite boarding lessons to enjoy the big waves!
    43. Drive along the old scenic highway (HWY 30) and view the many waterfalls. Read more…
    44. Have lunch at Multnomah Falls.
    45. Relax on the log porch swing and let your cares drift away.
    46. Enjoy a stage play at the Golden Garter Theater in Stevenson.
    47. Drive to Goose Lake for lunch or fishing.
    48. Go berry picking or mushroom hunting.
    49. Curl up in front of your fireplace and read a good book!
    50. Go spelunking in the ice caves and see the huge columns of ice that never melt.
    51. Enjoy the local dining in Stevenson, Bingen, and White Salmon.
    52. Check out the antique shops.
    53. Enjoy a Reiki treatment to relax you and restore your energy and balance.
    54. Visit the Stone Henge monument
    55. Explore the history of the Lewis and Clark Trail. Read more…
    56. Check out the stone petroglyphs in Horse Thief Park
    57. Tour the Bonneville Dam and check out the fish ladders.
    58. Visit Mt. Hood’s historic Timberline Lodge.
    59. Enjoy a private yoga or meditation session.
    60. Visit the flight museum in Hood River.
    61. Take a road trip along Carson Ridge to get a spectacular view of the volcanoes
    62. Visit the old Broughton log flume. Read more…
    63. Hike a section of the Pacific Crest Trail
    64. Take a leisurely stroll around the gardens and smell the flowers.
    65. View the swans on Franz Lake.
    66. Try to spot Big Foot!
    67. Visit the local art studios
    68. Relax in the adirondacks overlooking the meadow, sipping a glass of wine as the sun sets over the Gorge.
    69. Visit the lava beds in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.
    70. Take a ride on the Mt. Hood Railroad.
    71. Hike to the top of Wind Mountain for amazing views
    72. Hike in and fish one of the several lakes in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.
    73. Watch the deer wandering around the grounds, nibbling away at the gardens.
    74. Enjoy a vineyard picnic; don’t forget to pack the grapes, bread, and cheese.
    75. Take in the expansive views from Cape Horn.
    76. Shop the fruit stands in Hood River. Read more…
    77. Explore the Interpretative Museum in Stevenson.
    78. Find a quiet place in the gardens to paint, write, or read.
    79. Hike Catherine Creek and enjoy the wildflowers.
    80. Visit the alpaca farms and yarn shop in Hood River.
    81. Tour the Vista House on your way to Larch Mountain.
    82. Try a kayaking adventure.
    83. Nosh on delicious pizza at Backwoods Brewery (across the street)
    84. Visit the Tom McCall Nature Preserve (340 acres of plants and wildflowers!)
    85. Visit the Discovery Center Museum in The Dalles.
    86. Go for a swim in the Wind River’s “Blue Hole.”
    87. Hike Eagle Creek Trail to see 3 different waterfalls. Read more…
    88. Hike the old orchards behind the cabins; maybe you’ll spot a black bear. Read more…
    89. Go on a Native American rock art tour.
    90. Take a guided fishing tour. Read more…
    91. Shop at the outlet stores in Troutdale.
    92. Hike Wahclellah Falls and enjoy the beautiful cliffs.
    93. Walk the path behind the cabins through the forest. Read more…
    94. Visit Indian Heaven Wilderness area; more than 150 lakes!
    95. Visit the Mary Hill Winery with amazing views of the desert-side of the Gorge. Read more…
    96. Hike the many trails around Mt. St. Helens; one of our favorites is Spirit Lake.
    97. Walk the Whistle Punk Trail Wetlands north of Carson Ridge.
    98. Enjoy lunch at the international award-winning Walking Man Brewery in Stevenson.
    99. Plan your next vacation to Carson Ridge Cabins.
    100. Enjoy VIP seating at Solstice Wood Fire Cafe.
    101. Once again, do absolutely nothing – you’re on Vacation!