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Great Northwest Adventure

Three incredible inns along an unforgettable adventure across the Northwestern Pacific

If you don’t want your trip to end with us, we partner with two other inns to offer a northwestern Pacific tour. To book your tour, either call us or our inn partners and let us know which package you want and for what dates. We’ll take care of booking your stay at the other two inns so you can focus on enjoying all of the fun these tours have to offer.

The order of your itinerary is based on availability at the 3 inns, the best available rooms and the time of your stay. We make every effort to honor your accommodation requests, but inns reserve the right to make substitutions.

Summer Rate

May 16 – September 15

$299/night plus taxes

Winter Rate

September 16 – May 15

$229/night plus taxes

Carson Ridge Great Northwest 2 1 Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins
Carson Ridge Great Northwest 3 1 Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins
Carson Ridge Great Northwest 5 1 Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins

Our Partners

Mertage Meadows Inn

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Domaine Madeleine

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