Seasonal Choices

279341007_8895ed2f95Four distinct seasons, so many options! Do I come to the Gorge in the springtime so I can see the flowers when not as many people are playing, but risk the chance of rain? Or do I come in the summer when it is super sunny and the whole Gorge is buzzing with things to do? Perhaps I should wait until the fall when the leaves are spectacular and the crisp autumn air is perfect for a sunny afternoon hike. Maybe I would prefer to come in the winter when the snow drapes the mountainside and I don’t have to feel guilty lying around and relaxing! What to do? What to do?

Let me start by saying there is no better time than right now to come to the Gorge – no matter what time right now is! Yes, the Gorge is a bit busier as the summer hits its stride. But blue skies, dry days and warm nights are hardly worthy of complaining! And the fall – oh the glorious fall with its crisp mornings, bright clear days where leaves spend hours chasing each other is just as lovely as you might imagine. Buried behind a book or engrossed in a movie while the gentle snow blankets the meadow is pretty darn special in the winter as well.

Take all of the fabulous seasons and put them in a pile and I pick spring every time. The unpredictable rain is a reminder to slow down and look around. To witness the new growth struggling to take its rightful place among the glorious Gorge landscape is unbelievable. And when the sun peeks through the gray and stays for an hour, a day or longer you truly appreciate it! The wild flowers that appear each year are so delicate and tender and powerful all at the same time.  Springtime really is magnificent!

How can you NOT get excited about the Gorge in the springtime? All I can tell you is that as each sun rises and sets in the springtime the next day is more glorious than the day before! So, pull out your calendar and figure out how soon you can get to the Cabins. The fruit trees are in full bloom, Catherine’s Creek is putting on a flower show worthy of the most prestigious photographers lens and being here just feels right. Breathe it all in before it fades to the magnificent summertime. Have I told you how much I love summer here in the Gorge…