We Know the Most Dreamy Columbia River Gorge Wildflower Hikes

Every year, the hills and valleys of the Columbia River Gorge ignite with color. As the spring rain showers the area, the wildflowers come to life. In months like April and May, you can be sure to see brilliant shades of yellow, pink, and purple dotting the green landscape. These Columbia River Gorge wildflower hikes are even beautiful throughout the summer!

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4 of the Best Columbia River Gorge Wildflower Hikes

1. Cape Horn Loop Trail

A hike through the Cape Horn Loop Hike is breathtaking at any time of year. During the spring and summer, your walk will be filled with lush greenery and colorful blooms. Choose your trail difficulty based on the markers or travel through its entirety to reach the Nancy Russell Overlook for stunning views of the Columbia River below. We recommend taking a break on the stone walls at the top to truly appreciate the beauty!

2. Catherine Creek Hike

The Catherine Creek Hike is perfect for adventurers looking for an easy walk with stunning views. During your hike, the paved pathway will take you past basalt formations, canyons, and views of Mount Hood. In the spring, it is known as one of the premier wildflower viewing spots! We recommend visiting any time between March and May to see the fields engulfed in a variety of colors.

3. Mosier Plateau

The Mosier Plateau was originally created by the Gorge Towns to Trails project as a way to connect towns and communities through recreation. Since 2013, it has become a popular trail system to see wildlife, bald eagles, and of course, wildflowers. This is one of the best Columbia River Gorge wildflower hikes in mid to late April, but you will most likely see the gorgeous flowers in the spring and summer as well!

4. Rowena Crest Trailhead

This awe-inspiring area of the Gorge is full of geological reminders of the ice age floods that once swept through the area. While you hike through the Rowena Plateau Loop, you’ll see incredible views up and down the Columbia River Gorge. You’ll love the tall hills and low valleys seen throughout. Plus, in the spring, balsamroot and other wildflowers sprinkle the area with color.

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