The Best Views of the Columbia River are at Beacon Rock State Park

When spending time at our Columbia River Gorge luxury cabins, there are a few breathtaking destinations places to add to your itinerary. The Beacon Rock State Park is on that list. The incredible Beacon Rock is the star of the park. This stunning feature is the upside-down, blown-right-out-of-the-mouth-of-a-volcano rock to end all other rocks! You will not be disappointed when embarking on this incredible hike to see the unique 848-foot landmark. A beautiful view of the Columbia River is another wonderful reason to visit the Beacon Rock State Park. Be sure to bring your camera to capture a piece of Northwestern paradise during this amazing adventure!  

For more information on some fantastic hikes near the Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins, you can download our free Vacation Guide! It features some of the best recommendations on state parks, cascading waterfalls, and lush forests to explore during your vacation. The Beacon Rock State Park is just one of many must-see locations in the Columbia River Gorge!

The Route

Ready to go explore the Beacon Rock State Park? Strap on your sturdy shoes and head west on Highway 14 a few miles past Bridge of the Gods.  Be sure to pack plenty of water to stay hydrated during your adventure. A camera is another good item to pack, so you can snap sublime views of the Columbia River. The park is quite popular, so prepare to encounter a variety of fellow hikers as well as some spectacular Beacon Rock geology.  Do not let the number of other people around you deter you!  It is fun to see the excitement of others making the journey – not to mention the variety of ages on this Beacon Rock climbing expedition. And how many people can say they hiked 1.8 miles round trip on a rock that was formerly the core of a volcano?

The Hike

After you stroll through the forested entrance, you will be met by mostly paved trails complete with guardrails. Although the top of Beacon Rock tends to be “the spot” hikers clamor for, the views along the journey are just as picturesque. The Columbia River sparkles in the distance, like a shimmering snake winding its way through the magical landscape. One fun activity during your ascent is to pick a spot on the Columbia River and watch it become tinier and tinier as you climb.

The Top

As the refreshing breezes blow past while you make your ascent, the beauty of the Beacon Rock State Park stretches out for miles and miles into the distance. When you reach the peak, take a deep breath and gaze out on the wondrous scenery surrounding you at this very moment. Then look down at the journey you have taken to reach this point! Shade trees and craggy rocks offer places to rest and take a sip of water while recalling the highlights of your escapade and absorbing the views. From the freshwater shoreline of the Columbia River to over 20 miles of roads and trails sprawling before you, the enthralling park is quite a sight from this vantage point. Your glorious moment of accomplishment awaits after your Beacon Rock State Park hike! Then, after the descent, get ready for your next adventurous hike in the Columbia River Gorge!

After Hiking in the Beacon Rock State Park

After your adventure in the Beacon Rock State Park, retreat to our beautiful luxury cabins in Carson, WA, for a relaxing vacation. Rest on your private porch while taking in even more gorgeous Columbia River Gorge scenery on our property. Or, indulge in a refreshing spa treatment to soothe your muscles and re-energize your body. Soak in your private jetted spa tub prior to the treatment, and then relish in a fireside massage that will nourish and replenish. Book your relaxing escape today!