7 of the Best Columbia River Gorge Hikes

With incredible scenery surrounding the Columbia River Gorge, there are some amazing pathways to adventure along. From magnificent waterfalls to stunning rock formations, there is much to admire and explore. Enjoy one of these awe-inspiring Columbia River Gorge hikes when you visit to take in just a taste of the beautiful nature featured near Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins.

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7 of the Best Columbia River Gorge Hikes

Multnomah Falls Loop

One must-see destination during your visit to the Columbia River Gorge is Multnomah Falls. This breathtaking 611-foot-tall cascade is the tallest waterfall in Oregon and one of the most beautiful and inspirational natural landmarks to discover in the Gorge. A 2.6-mile round trip hike will take you 800 feet up to the top of this roaring giant, from which you will gain a new perspective.

Catherine Creek Hike

On the Washington side of the Gorge, you will discover a favorite of Columbia River Gorge hikes. The Catherine Creek hike features marvelous basalt formations, canyons, views of Mount Hood, and old homesteads. From the trailhead, you will journey along a series of trails. Journey past a rock arch, bubbling creek, and gorgeous wildflower fields that bloom most stunningly from March to May.

Triple Falls Hike

You can walk underneath waterfalls on this premier selection of Columbia River Gorge hikes! Triple Falls features a 3.4-mile round trip of river valley views, green mossy scenery, and a peek of the one-of-a-kind Oneonta Gorge.

Eagle Creek Trail

The Eagle Creek Trail is one of the most beautiful Columbia River Gorge hikes. Get immersed in the unique, magical landscape as you walk through steep basalt walls, view iconic waterfalls, and navigate the dense, temperate rainforest. Though Punchbowl Falls is the main attraction along this trail, the natural splendor you will encounter along the way is a gem in its own right.

Elowah Falls Hike

Elowah Falls is one of the best Columbia River Gorge hikes because it has everything someone exploring the Gorge could want! Discover rushing waterfalls, dense forests, ancient canyons, and spectacular views that you will remember and crave for years to come. This easy path runs .8 miles to a huge amphitheater of stone, where the 213-foot waterfall cascades.

Dog Mountain Hike

Rising along the north side of the Gorge, Dog Mountain climbs to almost 3,000 feet. This option of Columbia River Gorge hikes is not for the faint of heart. The total hike is almost 7 miles. But, along the way, you will discover scenery unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Amazing wildflower displays in the summer sprawl across meadows, while a steep route upward will offer incredible views.

Beacon Rock

On the shore of the Columbia River, you can’t miss an 848-foot-tall monolith known as Beacon Rock. There is a steep system of steps and railed pathways that will lead you up this hunk of basalt. The 1.8-mile hike will take you up 600 feet for some beautiful views and a sense of accomplishment.

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