With a New Year Comes New Things. . .

With high expectations, Carson Ridge welcomes 2010 as a year of New Ventures.

After practicing yoga for five years, Latisha realized it was no longer enough for her to just practice: she wanted to share the amazing knowledge she’d personally benefited from. “Everyone should be allowed to live the life they dream of, to be free of pain and stress, to feel complete joy and bliss,” she said.

From her desire to impact others, “The Sanctuary” was borne; a magical gathering place for community to love, to laugh, to heal, to let go, to find connection, acceptance, awareness, presence, and compassion for all, and for all to find the unconditional enjoyment of the human experience that comes from remembering who we really are through yoga. Pranayama Meditation, Hatha Anusara style, and Yin are being offered and are open to the public. Space is limited, so please call to register for a session.

In addition to The Sanctuary, we’ve officially broken ground on 3 new luxury cabins! The holes are dug and the foundations are being structured as I write. The amenities will be top notch, the comfort undeniable, and the luxury impeccable. More square footage, vaulted ceilings, 2-person jacuzzi tubs, 2-person walk-in showers, and amazing views are just a few of the perks.

During this season of gratitude, thank you. Thank you, Carson; thank you, Guests. We genuinely appreciate your continued business and support as we continue to raise our bar for your comfort and well-being.

Until next time.