Round the World and Back

After Pete returned home from the orphanage in early January, Latisha went on to start her yoga training in Thailand. Completing her program, she’s found her way back home to Carson Ridge in the Columbia River Gorge.

So what now? Her journey was both extensive and extreme, and she’s returned with so much knowledge it’s hard to know where to start. From Yoga to Reiki to Thai massage, Carson Ridge Private Luxury Cabins will evolve into a blissful retreat for those in search of solitude, release, rejuvenation, healing and growth. Of course we will always be that romantic getaway or spontaneous surprise weekend retreat in and of itself.

Pete’s been working away on our new healing center and luxury suite. In the fall, we will start the first phase of construction on 3 new private luxury cabins and add simple additions like yoga platforms and gardens.

We are already what you have been searching for; the catch is, we always get a little better. . .

Until we see you, have a fantastic day!