Twitter Smitter.. what’s it all about?


I know you’ve heard the hum of the new social networking sensation. From your local TV stations to Oprah, everyone seems to be following everyone. And yes, Carson Ridge is part of the action, too.

What is it? In 140 characters or less you can state, ask, or reveal to your followers anything and everything you see fit. At this moment, Carson Ridge has 957 followers from around the world watching and listening to our every tweet.

Why, you ask? Here are the facts: Twitter is a form of micro-blogging. On a business level, you would follow Carson Ridge because we are often dropping fantastic offers via tweets to our followers. These have included up to $100 off an evening’s stay or a free evening with the purchase of another. Aside from great offers, we comment on the weather, guest stories, local events, and most importantly, what’s for breakfast.

This enables a relationship between buyer and seller and anyone else who may want to state their ideas or opinions. Twitter has also opened up new doors for Carson Ridge to network with other B & Bs, sharing ideas and strategies in order to promote a bigger, better business.

It doesn’t stop with Twitter. With our recent website overhaul, we were able to add a link to all of our social networking sites, including Facebook,  which keeps you up to date on our daily happenings and allows you to read what our friends have to say about us. Bed and and Trip Advisor allow you to read past and present reviews from our guests. Flicker allows you to take a peek at all our captured moments through an online photo album. And finally, linkedin, a business-to-business and business-to-employee network that links you to professional individuals and groups defined by various categories.

So, I encourage you to jump on board and take this ride with us. We would love to hear what you’re looking for, how you travel, and anything else you may find intriguing.

972 are now following Carson Ridge….:)