Summer is here!!

On Monday we will ring in a new month and of course the official Summer 2009 will began. What does that mean?

Well May is giving us a pretty good definition of summer weather as the past week has been high 80’s & low 90’s and for the travel community it means summer vacations, staycations and old fashioned outdoor relations.

The BBQ’s will fire up, the yard furniture is being pulled out, the burn ban’s will commence, the insects will come out in the masses and out here in the gorge the festivals and fairs will began. This summer you can look forward to everything from Beer and Wine gatherings to Big Foot Bash’s.

Hood River will ring in it’s Farmer’s Market’s and the nomadic Kite Board & Wind Surfer’s will make their way from the South to the North landing in the Gorge for some of the best water’s in the world.

For Carson Ridge we will be sitting back and enjoying just another day in paradise. . . . This is in between our various Healing Center Renovation and Property Grooming projects.

Guests from all over the world are making their way to the Columbia River Gorge this summer. Germany, New York, Flordia, California, Arizona the list goes on all planning their yearly vacation right here in the recreational Mecca of the world and laying their heads in our pillows.

Have you made your plans yet?