Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

2009 has welcomed some absolutely beautiful sun sets in recent days a far cry from the Arctic blasts that 2008 closed out with. With the morning chill at a steady 28 degrees the cars and the roads sheeted with a thin layer of ice you cannot help but love to be in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.
Rain or shine sleet or hail summer, winter or fall there is always something to see and embrace in this beautiful country. With this quick melting of near by areas we have seen numerous water ways that either have never been their before or are double and triple their usual flow. The waterfalls in their area are a must see as they shoot out of cliff and mountain sides.
This weekend we are hosting guests from not to far away. They made the quick drive from portland and Vancouver to get lost in the ridges and mountains. We would like to invite you to come get away as well and envelope yourself in the Columbia River Gorge while staying nice and cozy in front of your fireplace with a wonderful book.